• Handcrafted Concrete Bowls

    Our Concrete Bowls are a great way to add decorative appeal to your backyard, pool, or patio area that will catch the eye. They are prefect for a cool evening on the porch or even a stylish potting container to help create a lush garden. We have many different styles and sizes of concrete fire bowls and pots available.

  • Concrete Fire Bowls

    Designed for nature, these eye-catching bowls are hand crafted to add spice and flavor to your outdoor landscape.

Realize the Beauty of Concrete

Natural, handmade concrete elements bring a uniquely artisan concept into any home. From custom, handcrafted countertops and tabletops to beautiful fire and water bowls surrounding a pool and anything else your imagination can dream up, we are passionate about perfecting your vision through our craft.


Endless Possibilities

Unlike granite, marble or any other prefabricated piece of stone, concrete features are completely custom and made to order for your unique style. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted into a one-of-a-kind artwork that can suit any design or layout. It can be produced in any color, pattern or shape for virtually any surface in your home. You are the artist and your imagination is our palette.

Functional Art

Because of its unique ability to be customized, every piece of your handcrafted concrete is an original work of art, that you can enjoy daily in your home or business. But unlike other stone materials, each of our concrete pieces are sealed by hand with an extremely durable, top-of-the-line sealer that is highly resistant to both stains, heat and any kind of weather.

Natural Beauty

Concrete ages over time, exposing its unique character and aesthetic charm through subtle changes in appearance. Through the years it evolves with slight variations in shade and texture that will reveal its natural elegance both inside and outside your home, while never compromising its structural integrity. Like a fine wine, it gets better and better with time.